Lía Rivera-Flaviá

Lía Rivera-Flaviá

is a photographer and painter of Dominican blood & family
born in New York City and raised in Puerto Rico.


She has a BA in Photography,
since her move to New York City in the summer of 2016, she has been a member
of the Art Students League of New York (ASLNY). Through the ASLNY she was one of the 2017  Spring Copyist
of the oldest painting workshop at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (The MET) in Manhattan.
From within the MET's walls & using oil paints, she created her interpretation of Rembrandt's
"Man with a Magnifying Glass" by observing the original painting right before her eyes, every Friday for 7 weeks.
The Copyist Program is 146 years old. 


 In March 2018,
Lía held her first Caracolia artwork ehibit at INTAR Theater, showing works including
a wall-high colorful collection of original paintings in repurposed cardboard, paper, & foam named "Explosions,"
Van Gogh replicas & interpretations titled "Van Gogh by Lía" as well as her
Previously mentioned interpretation of Rembradnt's "Man with a Magnifying Glass," 
Matte prints of documentary, portrait & street photography from the previous 12 months,
and the very first 8 "Palos de Mar
ía:" broken tree branches of all sizes turned into paintings,

all of which were gathered from the wreckage left behind by Hurricane María 
which devastated her home island of Puerto Rico in September of 2017.


Lía's work intends to witness, embrace, and sometimes even summon a certain kind of vulnerability
through the lens and through the brush, all in the name of the humane, the indescribable,
and the depth all things and non-things.


Self-portrait, 2016


"Ante lo propio y lo desconocido, se puede desarrollar
una incesante
de mantener los ojos abiertos." 



©2018 Lía Rivera-Flaviá